"Jane Easly is my top trainer in the United States…"

Jane Easly is a gifted instructor who not only is at the highest level of physical fitness herself, but also is one of my top-level trainers in the US! Her attendtion to detail, is second to none. She’s a dedicated professional I am proud to have her represent my Maxwell certification system. As if all that isn’t enough, she is also a fine and caring person who puts her student’s needs foremost.

-Steve Maxwell

"Jane is one of the greatest motivators that I’ve ever met..."

She treats everyone as an individual and tailors their workout so that each and every person can reach their personal best. What I love most is that her interest in our goals doesn’t just stop when class in over, and her guidance doesn’t just go as far as exercise, she cares about nutrition, lifestyle and total well-being. I know that I can count on her to help me achieve any goal that I set my mind to.

-M. Kenney

"The workout is always changing, always challenging..."

I came back to train with Jane after a knee injury. Jane is the complete trainer with vast knowledge not only of her discipline, but of human fitness and physiology as well. Her commitment to safe, injury-free training is what I believe contributed to the incredible recovery of my knee. Jane anticipates the needs of the class, as well as the individual, so everybody trains at the pace that is best for them. Training with Jane has been a complete transformation for me. The workout is always changing, always challenging and pushes you to a level you didn’t think you could reach. But Jane gets you there.

-Lianne Herbruck

"Jane’s classes and personal training have been nothing short of transformational..."

Jane has the unique ability to make the class environment feel very personal. Her individualized approach to training has allowed me to reach a level of fitness that I would not have thought possible, especially after the age of 40.

-M. O’Dwyer

"I’ve been transformed..."

Jane Easly and kettlebells have taken me to a new fitness level. Kettlebells are a fun and challenging workout that I look forward to every time. I’ve become slimmer, trimmer, and stronger, and I have more energy now than 10 years ago. At age 55, it’s an important tool to have in my anti-aging arsenal. Thanks Jane!!

-N. Foltz

"I have never been in such good physical shape in my life..."

I have been training with Jane for almost three years. I have never been in such good physical shape in my life. Jane is a totally competent, knowledgeable and safe trainer. With Kettlebells, it is possible to attain a functional, healthy body through intense exercise without injuring your joints. Kettlebells is an ‘outside-the-box’ workout with unbelievable total body benefits. Just when you think there couldn’t be anything more, Jane mixes it all up and takes you to a whole new level. Jane rocks!

-D. Bauck

"Jane is a top class coach and trainer..."

Jane is a top class coach and trainer with a unique ability to get you from your current condition to the fitness level you want in a fun, disciplined and organized fashion. A workout with Jane is a great fitness experience and I would recommend her very highly.


"The top three reasons Jane Easly’s Class is simply the best..."

  1. She uses the most efficient forms on exercise combining both strength and cardio in less than one hour.
  2. Unlike many workout classes, Jane does not participate in the class but carefully watches her students to ensure correct form/technique thus keeping us injury free.
  3. Every class is challenging but different. There is no opportunity to get bored of the same old routine.

…I’m hooked.


"She is extremely knowledgeable and her teaching style is inspiring..."

I have been weight training intermittently for 21 years- free weights, nautilus, spicer, etc. I also swim, dance, and cross country ski. I was between outdoor swimming and ski season, when I was introduced to Jane Easly. She is extremely knowledgeable and her teaching style is inspiring. I was immediately impressed with Jane’s credibility, demonstrated by her passion and her own physical agility.

After just two months of training, I noticed muscular tone and sculpting that I had gained without my previously longer and more cumbersome weight training. I also noticed improved endurance in other activites and enhanced balance and axis. Now, in my fourth month of training, I cannot imagine a lifetime without this form of exercise, especially when, as a physician, I am so acutely aware of its value to overall health and prevention of disease or injury. This is an exercise that enhances everything: balance, core strength, bone density, cardiovascular/aerobic fitness, coordination, mental stimulation, stress release. I have recommended Jane enthusiastically to family, friends, and patients.

-Jeannette M. Potts, MD; Dr. Tango LLC

"Jane also stressed the whole picture, not just the strength training..."

This past March marked my one year anniversary with Team Surly. I hadn’t even heard of kettlebells when I started. Until then, I had just dabbled in fitness programs. I’d tried everything but got bored and discouraged so I never stuck with anything for much longer than four or five months. There are so many things I’ve found different with kettlebells. First of all, Jane is a stickler when it comes to form. And this is critical to any fitness program especially one that includes swinging weights around. Good form equals less injuries.

Jane also stressed the whole picture, not just the strength training but she’s incorporated yoga into the class, which is great for people like me who tend to be inflexible. Kettlebells stress core strength. This has probably been what has helped me the most. Before this class I had a lot of mid to lower back pain almost every day. Now, it’s a great feeling to get up without a backache. I can honestly say that I am a completely different person. I’ve lost a lot of weight, but more importantly, I’ve gained a lot of strength and stamina. I don’t know the last time I’ve had this much energy.

Jane’s attention to making sure that no two classes are the same and that everyone is there to maximize their own level of fitness not only keeps it interesting, but there’s a real sense of accomplishment at the end of each class. For someone like me, who has difficulty sticking to fitness goals, kettlebells have been what I’ve been looking for all these years.

-L. Shafer

"I trust Jane and know that she is giving me safe and effective training..."

I have been teaching yoga for over 11 years and have become very protective of my body. I trust Jane and know that she is giving me safe and effective training EVERY workout session. She is highly knowledgeable as an exercise physiologist as well as with kettlebells and yoga. I highly recommend her as a trainer.

-D. Holst

"Jane’s individualized programs are fun, adaptive, and most importantly effective..."

I write this testimonial with gratitude for the health and wellness objectives you have helped me achieve. As a long time friend and now a health and fitness professional, I am so grateful that you have come back into our lives. My wife, Anne is having the same success. Workout with you for over nine months now, I have been able to achieve the following remarkable results: loss of 18 lbs, my blood pressure dropped into normal range, and most importantly, I moved from a potential diabetic candidate to safe blood sugar range.

Most recently, I injured my shoulder and you were able to quickly adapt a remarkable new training program for me that is rehabbing y injury while not compromising what we have achieved. Jane’s individualized programs are fun, adaptive, and most importantly effective. Good health, fun workouts, and an hour with Jane will ‘surly’ brighten anyone’s day!

-Most gratefully, Bill Kilroy

"Jane Easly positively changed the trajectory of my life..."

I can say, without a doubt, that Jane Easly positively changed the trajectory of my life. She has not only helped me transform my body, but also my mind. When I started working with her, I was beginning my freshman year of high school. I was 120 pounds soaking wet and lacked confidence heading into my high school wrestling career. After taking one look at me, it was painfully obvious that I lacked any hormones to build muscle, but she figured out how to maximize my ability with what I had. She wrote me a program that made me the most conditioned kid on the mat. The workouts she designed mimicked matches so closely, that whenever I got done with one, I felt like I had wrestled a really tough match.

As the season progressed, she helped build my self-belief and confidence. She knew that naturally I wasn’t the most confident person, but she figured out exactly how to push my buttons in a way that made me fully believe in myself. Eventually, my freshman season ended with me losing to high-caliber upperclassmen and I did not make the state tournament. As soon as I got done, Jane was right there to help me deal with the pain associated with losing. It meant a ton to know that I was not alone. Shocking both myself, and everyone around me except Jane, my record ended up being 34 wins and 12 losses as a freshman. Her help gave me something that I will always be grateful for because it gave me a friend, mentor, coach and supporter all in one.

-Sean O

"Jane’s unique ability to motivate, empower and build confidence is one addiction I will never give up..."

I’m a lover of the outdoors and a lifetime runner, I have never been someone who enjoys doing a “class” for a workout, ever!….so why is it that I keep coming back to workout with Jane? Inside the confines of 4 walls? Because I’m addicted and I can’t stop…..I actually go through withdrawals when I can’t be there! It’s true, I would like to steal her music playlist (it’s awesome!) and I do like to learn about parts of my body I never knew existed (rhomboids – really?!) but the real reason IS I have never felt better, stronger and more in balance with my mind, body and soul…Jane’s unique ability to motivate, empower and build confidence is one addiction I will never give up.


"You are the best, Janey-Jane..."

Before I started working out with you back when, everything felt old and beat to shit, and I had a doc telling me my days of even slow jogging were numbered. Fast forward to now, and my body feels 20 years younger! I keep up with my grandson, and I’m slowing none of the young people in my life down, which is not where my doc said I’d be. And I have one person to thank for it. And the fact that she’s this delightful person and, most importantly, a terrific mother who is all in, 24/7, for her Molly, through easy and tough shit, is….well….

Anyway, I’ve said before, you are the best, Janey-Jane!!


"There are only songs of praise for Jane Easly and Team Surly..."

There are only songs of praise for Jane Easly and Team Surly. I never in my wildest dreams thought I could be this fit and strong at my age and I am most definitely the fittest I have ever been in my life. Jane’s meticulous attention to proper form ensures that I will be strong and agile for years to come.

"She is the real deal..."

After being with Jane for about ten years it is still mind blowing to me that each and every time I work out with her it is always fresh. She is so aware of the body form and is always on top of my safety. I have never felt so good and so strong in my life!!!!!

I have accomplished things in my life that I would never have thought of….I have completed a Tough Mudder course and a Dirty Girl course with the strength and ability Jane has taught me. Her class gives me an attitude adjustment, an angst removal and an overall feel good. She is the real deal. She brings another level of working out to the table. I am very grateful to train with her. She has changed my life and I am very thankful for her. 🙂


"Since I found Jane, I am probably in the best shape I have ever been..."

Jane Easly has transformed me! I used to be in decent shape, but found I was getting injured a lot and not performing as well as I could. Since I found Jane, I am probably in the best shape I have ever been, and my tennis game has improved as a result of my fitness. I look forward to her classes – they are not-to-be-missed parts of my week — essential to my health and sanity!


"Jane mixes it up every day and it never gets old or easy..."

I have worked out all of my adult life and have tried numerous different work out regimes; some have been good, some bad and most I just grew bored of after a while. I have been going to Jane Easly’s Metabolic Madness class for close to 5 years now and it never gets old! We are a small group of people who for some reason cannot stay away! Jane mixes it up every day and it never gets old or easy.

The circuit class keeps us moving with strength training, agility, cardo and balance. I have noticed that this work out helps me in my everyday life; my core is stronger, I have better posture and my overall strength and stamina is better than ever.

Here is one funny experience that I said “Thanks Jane” after I realized what I was able to do!

"Jane’s workout keeps me strong, balanced and fit..."

My daughter was a senior at Penn State University and I went up to visit her for the big football game OSU vs PSU. A typical game day at PSU starts very early with pre-parties at different houses. We were on our way to a frat party when my daughter’s boyfriend summand us over to his house for the ultimate bash! When we arrived at the house I noticed all the students on the roof playing music and drinking beer. My daughter said “come on mom lets join my friends on the roof” so off we went to the second level of the house—a beverage in each hand was mandatory! I didn’t realize to get out on the roof one needed to straddle a lumpy bed and crawl through the window all while a group of 21-year olds are watching you maneuver this task! No problem I thought, I do similar moves in Jane’s class. So off I went; straddled the bed and climbed through the window without spilling an inch of beer! Not bad for someone over 6 ft. tall!!

This is just one example of how Jane’s workout keeps me strong, balanced and fit! I can’t stay away!




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